Missing Mexico

I left my heart in Zacatecas.... this always happens when I go and visit my family. I used to go once a year while in high school and in college I would spend almost 2 months just eating, drinking, exploring and spending time with my crazy family. This year was the first time I had been back since being married (5 years!) and it was surreal to return with a baby of my own. I will post some pictures (courtesy of my brother) of that vacation soon. In the meantime, I have been gravitating towards all things Mexican to help me ease the heartache a little bit. So baby O and I dressed in our hand embroidered pieces and enjoyed a walk downtown. Side note: these pictures were taken after 8pm...the sun was still out and I am pretty sure it was over 90 degrees! Anyone who doesn't believe in climate change has not been to California on a summer day.