To ombré or not to ombré?

Posted on: Thursday, November 29, 2012

So I have recently reached the milestone of officially having "long" hair. I believe my current length is the longest my hair has ever been in my life. I would always try to grow it out but would end up getting bored and would head to the hair salon to cut it short every time it got near my shoulders. I definitely like longer hair and thanks to Pinterest, awesome tutorials (Thanks TheEveryGirl!!) and the bloggers I follow I now know different ways of styling my hair. However, I am getting that itch again of having something new...but I don't want to reach for the scissors and I don't want to commit to highlights and/or a different color that would be hard to maintain. So what to do?? 


And no, I didn't mean to write "man" in Spanish and forgot the "h". Ombré is having colors or tones that shade into each other...or at least that's what the dictionary told me it means. I have seen this style all over the magazines and on some of my favorite actresses/celebrities. My hairstylist told me that it originated as a trend during the financial crisis when people didn't want to commit to a hair color that they would have to maintain on a consistent basis. So it's a hairstyle that reflects the current social and economical state of the world?? It would be like a walking 20/20 special on my head! SOLD - But what do you guys think? Should I go for it??

A few new things...

Posted on: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My last post was dated October 3rd...really? A whole (almost) two months just flew by?? I remember back in college when the time between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break seemed excruciatingly eternal and everyday I hoped for time to just evaporate before my own eyes! Although that was mostly so I wouldn't have to take that Entomology final...what's that fancy word mean anyway? Oh that's right the scientific study of insects! No joke I actually took that class...I won't even bother telling you that the final project involved an "insect collection" which due to my amazing procrastination skills quickly turned into "how many bugs can I find and identify in one night?" kind-of project. 
But here we are 5 years later and now all I can think of is how do I stop time from moving so quickly? I want to enjoy every single day with my baby O, especially this time of year when everything seems much more magical. So to catch you up, here are a few new things:

Veterans day visit to Grandpa J. I so wish he could have met baby O, I know they would have really hit it off.

Yay for finally mastering the "sock bun" look! Also, this was the first time I tried the canadian tuxedo and I didn't hate it. Oh and yay for hot pink cap-toe flats!

Trying this new combo: ruby lips (Revlon Super Lustrous "Cherries in the Snow") thanks to Lisa Eldridge's amazing tutorial + sparkly gems via Spike The Punch

Baby O's new found love for all things Minnie Mouse...and requests for mommy to sing the theme song to Minnie's Bowtique (Bow..tique...get it?? hehe) every 15 minutes. 

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