Pink Crush

Posted on: Monday, September 30, 2013

Majorly crushing on pink for fall, here are some of the things on my wish list:

It's still in the mid 70's over here but I am already dreaming about brightening up a grey day with this beauty.

No more back to school for me this fall (graduated 6 years ago whoa), but if I was I would be making a bold move with this satchel.

If there is a man that knows women, it's Mr. Ford. Unfortunately I am some years away from affording one of his gowns, but this little lipstick, I can handle.

Ok, so technically this isn't pink. But we can call it pinkish? Either way, I'm obsessed. It is currently sold out in my size so I will be stalking it online until it comes back.

Beating the monday blues

Posted on: Monday, September 23, 2013

Hello dream shoe closet!

What better way to cure the Monday blues than to talk about shoes?? I recently was invited to a private lunch at Designer Shoe Warehouse in the heart of San Francisco. How could I pass a shoe shopping date hosted by the fabulous Melissa (Savvy in San Francisco) , Maria (Kitties + Couture) , Kristen (Stylenik) and Kate (The Fancy Pants Report) ? 
For those of you that have never visited DSW's new SF location, it is conveniently located in the heart of the shopping mecca that is Union Square. To get the full experience, I recommend hopping on the SF Cable Car and taking it up Powell Street directly to shoe heaven. Upon arriving I was greeted by four full floors of boots, heels, flats, and heart seriously went boom for this new space. I got to see some familiar faces and meet new fashion bloggers but most of all I was able to get a peek at the new trends for fall. 40,000 square feet of shoes can be intimidating so make sure to use their in house stylist to focus on a few trends that will be relevant in the months to come.

Here are the two new fall shoes  I ordered online (counting down the days for them to get here):

1. Oxfords
Very girl meets boy closet and still functional for running around with a toddler.
Oxford Pump

2. All about ankles
These can be dressed up for date night (hint hint husband reading this) or made casual with some boyfriends jeans and slouchy cardigan. 

Peep Toe Pump

Wedding season

Posted on: Monday, September 16, 2013

Dress - Zara
Wedges - Pour La Victoire (bought via Crystalin Marie)
Purse - Forever21 (similar)

We attended our first wedding as a family of three and we nailed it! Meaning we were some of the last people out on the dance floor at the end of the night. And yes that even includes our little baby O. She definitely got the dancing gene and the fearless gene, that little girl was burning up the dance floor and it just made my little heart go boom with pride. 
When I saw this dress online I just knew that I needed that flower print in my closet. It is also incredibly comfortable which is essential when you have to run after a toddler on the dance floor. I kept the rest of my accessories very neutral so they wouldn't clash with the print of the dress. The little purse is one of those great Forever 21 finds that  I will wear over and over. Since it was going to be an all outdoor wedding, I also decided to not wear much makeup so it wouldn't melt off my face in the midst of all the dancing. So to add a little punch I went with my favorite Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro #400 .
It was a wonderful day with family and one that I will remember for a long time.

Things that make my heart melt...

Posted on: Thursday, September 12, 2013

Here are some of the things making my heart go boom lately...

1. Carrousels
When was the last time you rode the carrousel? They are the simplest of rides yet they bring so much joy to my baby O. The look on her face everytime she comes around to wave hello is precious and melts this mamas heart every single time. She is a constant inspiration to slow down and enjoy the little things, the ride if you will.

2. Musical mornings
Lately, we have been going through some separation anxiety in the mornings. How do you explain to a toddler why you have to go to an office every morning? I don't think I want to boggle her little mind with such things as healthcare coverage & 401K's just yet. It breaks my heart to leave her, but then we get the guitars out and have a sing along with grandpa about mommy going to the office and things don't seem too bad. 

3. Summer blooms
Is this not the most beautiful dahlia you have seen? Although I am definitely ready for some cooler temperatures and some layers and boots, I am in no rush to say goodbye to summer flowers. 

Valencia strolling, Part 2

Posted on: Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yesterday's post was all about the cultural aspect of our escape to the city. But I would be lying to your face if I didn't tell you that the real reason we go to Valencia Street (or anywhere for that matter) is for the food and drinks. I grew up with parents who would plan their travel itineraries around the meals they would have, and I have carried that tradition onto my own little family. This time around we hit Tacolicious for some tacos (disclaimer...75% of the tacos pictured above were consumed by my husband) and some beers. Seriously, you must have try this place if you live in the area. Best tacos in the city!
Another place that is a must when we visit is Fellow Barber , where we drop off the husband to have some alone time get a haircut.  Meanwhile baby O and I go and play at the toy store Paxton Gate Kids
To end the day we go to Ritual Coffee to fuel up on some caffeine and baked goodies. I love watching them make the drip coffee, they make it look so easy, but I know I would be making a mess so I am always in awe. 
And with that my friends I conclude my guide for an "escape from the 100 degree heat" day in the city.

Valencia strolling, Part 1

Posted on: Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jeans - Old Navy (on sale!)
Jean Jacket - Abercrombie via eBay (loving this J.Crew )
Vintage Pin - Sweet & Spark

"I believe I'm going to die doing the things I love"

When the heat gets going, my little family likes to escape to the city. One of our favorite neighborhoods to explore is the Mission, specifically Valencia Street. The sun always seems to shine a little brighter over there and I can't help but feel at home (viva Mexico!). Recently we discovered Clarion Alley and it's murals. The entire alley (running between Valencia Street and Mission Street) is covered in colorful murals. It was such a fun place to show baby O and although she's no art-critic (yet) she did enjoy pointing out the colors and shapes that she recognized. It is too early for her to understand some of the messages that the murals portray, but I hope one day she can empathize with some of the sentiments that are behind the captivating colors and shapes.

If you are interested in more mural art, there is also Balmy Alley a few blocks away. And if you want to make a whole day out of it, you can even participate in a guided walking tour with Precita Eyes Muralists .

Casual staples

Posted on: Friday, September 6, 2013

Dress - J.Crew (similar)
Shoes - Converse Jack Purcell
Denim  - Abercrombie (old via eBay), Old Navy (similar)
Necklace - J.Crew (found mine on eBay)
Don't get me wrong, I love myself a dressing up occasion, but casual is where my heart is. As a young mom, comfort is my no. 1 priority when getting dressed, so this outfit was the perfect mix of girliness and casual ease. Perfect for chasing a toddler!  

Stripes + denim + a pop of color = my casual staples

What are your go-to's for casual comfort?

A hidden gem

Posted on: Thursday, September 5, 2013

One of my favorite things to do is discover new places and I recently had the pleasure of finding a hidden gem in my own backyard (ok not literally MY own backyard, since I don't currently have one. Hi urban living!)

One of my bestest of friends celebrated a big birthday at Park Winters and it was magical. It's as if all my pinterest dreams came alive and decided to throw a summer soiree. Since it was a private event, I was able to peek into all the bedrooms at the Inn and I was impressed to find such a cool, modern place in the middle of agricultural fields. The food was delicious, the view was beautiful, and the company was extraordinary...oh and the open bar was pretty good too. If you live in the area you should stop by and take a tour, or better yet, book your own room and spend a weekend pretending your life is one amazing summer party.

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