Valencia strolling, Part 1

Jeans - Old Navy (on sale!)
Jean Jacket - Abercrombie via eBay (loving this J.Crew )
Vintage Pin - Sweet & Spark

"I believe I'm going to die doing the things I love"

When the heat gets going, my little family likes to escape to the city. One of our favorite neighborhoods to explore is the Mission, specifically Valencia Street. The sun always seems to shine a little brighter over there and I can't help but feel at home (viva Mexico!). Recently we discovered Clarion Alley and it's murals. The entire alley (running between Valencia Street and Mission Street) is covered in colorful murals. It was such a fun place to show baby O and although she's no art-critic (yet) she did enjoy pointing out the colors and shapes that she recognized. It is too early for her to understand some of the messages that the murals portray, but I hope one day she can empathize with some of the sentiments that are behind the captivating colors and shapes.

If you are interested in more mural art, there is also Balmy Alley a few blocks away. And if you want to make a whole day out of it, you can even participate in a guided walking tour with Precita Eyes Muralists .