Things that make my heart melt...

Here are some of the things making my heart go boom lately...

1. Carrousels
When was the last time you rode the carrousel? They are the simplest of rides yet they bring so much joy to my baby O. The look on her face everytime she comes around to wave hello is precious and melts this mamas heart every single time. She is a constant inspiration to slow down and enjoy the little things, the ride if you will.

2. Musical mornings
Lately, we have been going through some separation anxiety in the mornings. How do you explain to a toddler why you have to go to an office every morning? I don't think I want to boggle her little mind with such things as healthcare coverage & 401K's just yet. It breaks my heart to leave her, but then we get the guitars out and have a sing along with grandpa about mommy going to the office and things don't seem too bad. 

3. Summer blooms
Is this not the most beautiful dahlia you have seen? Although I am definitely ready for some cooler temperatures and some layers and boots, I am in no rush to say goodbye to summer flowers.