The one where baby O gives me a heart attack

Miss baby O has become very mobile in the last month. She is not walking on her own just yet, but she is a pro crawler & climber. Her abilities seem to go from high-achieving amateur to Olympic athlete whenever there is a cell phone/laptop/kindle in sight. Last week I left her playing in her room with her wooden blocks, since our apartment has an open layout I went to the living room from where I could still see her. However, as soon as I turned my back for a second she was gone! When I turned around and couldn't see her I went to her room and assumed I would find her trying to get into the closet (Who needs toys when you can play with mom's shoes??) but to my horror she was no longer in her room. So I literally raced over to my room, with my heart somewhere around my ankles and there she was. Sitting proudly on top of our bed and typing away on her daddy's laptop with the biggest smile I have ever seen. Welcome to toddlerhood mom!

"Daddy won't mind if I add some things to his spreadhseet"

"Mom is walking very fast towards me....Must.Bang on this keyboard type faster!"