Dear husband, happy birthday

We took a pedicab to the game....we would have gotten there faster walking, but hey at least someone got a workout!

Like father, like daughter

It is not summer without some baseball! When the husband and I lived in San Francisco we lived within walking distance of AT&T Park and would go all the time. Back then we would decide on a whim to go and we would rush down to the stadium to have a margarita (or two or three) before the game at Mijitas which is a new(ish) restaurant attached to the ballpark. Now that we are a family of three we have to do a little bit more planning and we don't go once a month but we have still managed to take baby O to a few games. This past time we surprised K with tickets to a day game against the NY Mets (his no. 2 team) for his birthday. Ok, that was a lie...we are really bad at keeping surprises so I told him a few days before that we were going to go. But I didn't tell him that his parents would meet us there so it still counts as a surprise right? 
We had a great day even though the actual game was one of the worst losses for the Giants I have ever witnessed (happy birthday husband!). The weather was perfect and we were even able to meet up with my high school friend who happened to be at the same game. Afterwards we went to the Ferry Building to have some dinner and cake and some Blue Bottle coffee  (K's favorite). And since it was a day game we even managed to get home before curfew baby O's bedtime. So really, a perfect summer day!