All about dresses...

This is my first "outfit of the day" style's a little scary to write about yourself and there is a little voice in my head that sings "you're soooo vain..." when I take pictures of myself and the clothes I wear. But what is life without fears? So here goes....

Dress JCrew (on sale!), belt Anthropologie (old), sunglasses (stolen from husband), lipstick  NARS schiap

This summer I became a dress lover. I am usually a jeans and top person, but dresses became my obsession this summer for two main reasons:

1. Have you ever worn pants in 100+ degree weather?'s not a pretty picture. But then I can't really wear shorts and a tank-top to work so what to do???? Dress to the rescue!

2. You know those mornings when your husband turns off your alarm clock but then doesn't tell you (or he does tell you but he forgets you are not 100% conscious at 5:30am)?? And then you have to run around like a madwoman getting yourself and the precious baby ready and the last thing you have time to do is put together a decent look?? (oh you don't have those kind of mornings? Ok big eye roll high five from me to you!) Dress to the rescue! Just put it on and add shoes and you are ready to go.


  1. I'm digging those sunglasses. Where are they by the way!?


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