Inspired stripes

Dress Anthropologie (anniversary gift from the husband), shoes Nine West via Ross (on sale for $15, score!)

I have a slight obsession with stripes so when I spotted this dress on one of my favorite blogs Gal Meets Glam I was inspired to recreate the same look. It was the ideal dress to wear for my 5 year anniversary weekend in San Francisco...and by "weekend" I really mean one night away from my baby O. I bet you are asking yourself "You have been married 5 years already, but you look SO young!" (ok ok...I know I am the only one asking myself that). Well I am going to tell you a little love story that goes like this:

Act 1. Girl goes to college...meets cute but quiet guy in the dorm hallway...helps him find his dorm room a few doors down because he may or may not have imbibed in great quantities of beer soda.
Act 2. Girl and cute/quiet boy become friends
Act 3. Girl and boy go to a house party and recreate a Beatles song:

Well, my heart went "boom", 
When I crossed that room, 
And I held her hand in mine... 

Whoa, we danced through the night, 
And we held each other tight, 
And before too long I fell in love with her. 
Now I'll never dance with another, 
Since I saw her standing there.

Act 4. Cute boy tells girl he loves her (while wearing a toga...oh college I miss you!) and girl reciprocates the feeling.
Act 5. Boy borrows a suit jacket and asks the girls parents for her hand in marriage, they toast with soda (no, really they did...boy wasn't 21 yet)
Act 6. Boy proposes, girl says YES
Act 7. Girl marries cute boy from dorm hallway!

Many acts to be added to this little story, but so far I am a big fan.