It's a zoo out there...

Look, it's the real life Sophie!

This past weekend we took baby O to our local zoo and had a great time. Although it is sad to see wild animals in captivity (I'm pretty sure the lion was looking at me thinking "yeah let's see you confined to this cage") it was a good day and baby O got to see some animals she has been reading about up close. I am in awe of our little girl, she is so brave (feeding that giraffe like a pro... did you notice I stayed safely back "taking the picture"?) and she is always having fun. Sometimes I wish I could swap places with her so I could rediscover the joys of the little running through the misters on a hot day!
On the fashion side, I finally gave the whole peplum trend a try and I am happy to say I am a convert. The top I am wearing is Pim + Larkin (via and the jewel tone will be fun to wear through the fall.