This and that...

Some of the things happening over here:

Mezcal Tasting - My parents recently traveled to southern Mexico to visit my sister who is out there saving the world. One of the things that they brought back was Mezcal and the proper technique on how to do a tasting. If you have never heard of it look it up here! 

Crafting - I started making jewelry again and I am tempted to open up my own little Etsy shop. What do you guys think? 

Dancing Lessons - Look at my husbands face...pure fear of what is to come. We are on lesson 3 and so far it has been great. We are not yet ready for our official ballroom debut, but we are getting there. I will blog more about it soon, but let's just say that our dancing dates these past Saturdays have been very therapeutic. 

Rainy Day Essentials - For those grey days there is nothing better to cheer me up than some bright lips, cozy beanie and a chai latte