Is it spring yet?

Don't mind the sticker on my phone cover...personal gift from baby O

Ok, so I am ready for a little spring in my step! All the magazines and the stores have started to parade flower prints, pastels, and the overall amazingness (is that a word?) that is spring clothing. So why can't the weather get the memo and cooperate?

So here is my attempt to bring some spring cheer into the cold days of February. I found this dress (on sale!) at Anthropologie and decided that it could not wait in my closet until the temperatures improved. So I added tights, grey booties and a boyfriend sweater (not actually MY boyfriends sweater - that's just the actual fashion term for a long cardigan...what?) to winterize it and yes I just made up that verb.

What are some of your ways of "winterizing" dresses or warm weather clothes??