That time I learned a new pose...

Since I started this little blog I have been learning how to be more comfortable with taking pictures of myself. And often times I find myself thinking of this post from Ms. Medine (THE Man Repeller), it is just so silly to make some of those poses and so I always end up with the same pose over and over. But then a few weekends ago on a little Saturday date with Ms. Kaylin, she convinced me to try some new things out and here is the result:

Dress Old Navy, Jean jacket Abercrombie & Fitch (old, ebay find!), Sandals Madewell (old ebay find too!)

And hey what do you know? It turned out kind of cute. But in the moment I actually thought people would think I had some constipation issues that needed to be dealt with immediately...Sometimes it takes someone else to push you out of your little bubble of comfort and try something new! So now I have a new blogger pose to add to my little bag o'tricks. Because let's be honest, left to my own devices I would have posed like this:



  1. You are adorable!!!I cant' wait for tomorrow. Also I am going to make you a button!!!


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