Flores in my pantalones

 "What do you think about floral denim?" I asked the husband
"Why??" Was his one word answer

Ahh men....

I have been thinking about flowers on my pantalones for quite some time after seeing them on some of my blogger crushes like Anna (See Jane) & Julia (Gal Meets Glam) way back in the day. But I just never really made the leap until I found these gems at Old Navy on sale! I loved there subtlety (the flowers are only a shade lighter than the denim) and at that price it didn't hurt to try them on and see if I liked them on myself.

Well, to answer my husband...because who doesn't like a party on your lower half?!!!!
I can't wait to play around with these and style them up with bright tops for a summer night out or maybe even a clash of floral prints (party on the top AND the bottom)

What do you guys think of the printed (floral or other) trend? Something you might try?

Jeans Old Navy, Sweater JCrew, Jacket Gap (old), Sandals Madewell (ebay find), Purse Foley & Corinna (ebay find)


  1. Love, Love, Love 'em.
    Can do coffee whenever ;)


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