Not so tropical...

This weekend we escaped the heat by spending the day in the city. I packed a picnic and headed with my loves to Baker Beach. As with all northern California beaches, the weather is not what you normally picture when you think "beach". And therefore people will laugh at you if you show up looking like you just stepped out of the Victoria Secret swimsuit calendar .

So I packed hats, beanies, sweaters, jackets and blankets. However we forgot to explain to baby O that we were not headed to a tropical beach. She was a trooper at first and seemed to enjoy having a picnic until some dogs showed up and frightened her dad tried to take her food. Then when we took her closer to the water the sound of the waves scared her and she was not much of a trooper at that point. So we ended up with some unplanned tears (and runny noses). 
My heart melts a little bit every time she gets sad, but another part of me wants her to understand that sometimes, life is not a tropical getaway! Once in a while we will have to endure some wind, some cold, some snot, but we should always try to make the best of it and still enjoy ourselves. 


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