Rain rain go away...

My last post was a "Cheers!" to the summer season. And now here we are just a few days into Summer and we have rain... make up your mind lady nature!

Here are some things I love on days like today:

1. Reading
Listening to the rain while enjoying coffee, a yummy breakfast and the New York Times is heaven. And yes I know this makes me sound like an old grandpa, but I am OK with that.

2. Indoor playtime
Who doesn't love building train tracks, reading, and being silly inside while you hear the rain?
Also, that's a Disney princess castle you see in the background. Confession time: I never understood the whole love for Disney thing....my first time at the park was just a few years ago as an adult. But man....the things you do for your kids! Let's just say that thanks to that little castle I now know the tunes and background stories to some ladies named Belle & Aurora.