Getting classical

This weekend we ventured into the city to hear some classical music by the SF Symphony. How do I get a two year old to sit through a whole classical music concert? The answer is I don't!

The Stern Grove Music Festival is something very special that happens in the city every summer since the 1930's. Every Sunday they have a free music concert (although donations are greatly appreciated!) in the Sigmund Stern Grove which is a sunken (almost hidden) outdoor amphitheater in the middle of the city. Entering it you completely forget that you are in a city and immediately feel the calming effects of being surrounded by trees. And since it is outdoors and family oriented, your kiddos can run around or be loud without people giving you the stink eye.

Some useful tips for when you go:

* Get there early!! It is a free concert and with the high quality of acts they bring it is always bound to get packed way ahead of the 2pm concert time.

* Dress in layers & comfortable shoes. You can never predict what the weather will be once you descend into the grove so make sure you bring layers you can take off if it is one of those rare hot summer days in the city. But also make sure to pack blankets and warm clothes for when the wind picks up. Comfortable shoes are a must for getting in and out of the park.

* Pack a delicious picnic! You can bring in all the food and drinks (even alcohol!) you want so make sure to bring some yummy treats. (But don't panic - there are some food stalls once inside)