Give me five dollars

Dear blog....I am back! We were sidelined with a nasty virus that even now is still too painful to look back on, but I will have more on that (and the mommy lessons I learned) later. In the mean time I leave you with a story about entrepreneurial spirit.
Baby O got her first major haircut recently and she was a doll the entire time (no tears, no screaming). She sat in her chair quietly the entire time and let the sweet man do his job...pretty much looked like this picture the entire time. She was just absorbing the whole experience (note to self...slow down and follow her example more often) and taking mental notes.
Well, since that day I have been receiving about 2-5 "haircuts" by my own baby O stylist! She politely asks me "Mommy...haircut?" and then sweetly directs me to sit down so she can reach my hair. But that's when the sweet talk stops. Before she goes any further she will look me straight in the eye and demand "Give me five dollars!" while putting her hand out to receive the proper payment prior to her services. WHAT? No family discounts around this place apparently.... But since these "haircuts" are really more like mini head massages I have gladly been paying five dollars multiple times in a day.

One day, when she has her own business I will have to remind her of this little story. And how it made me laugh but also how it made my heart melt to realize that my baby O is becoming a little (intelligent!) person.


  1. This is adorable. How is she so big already?


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