Posted on: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

T Magazine

Hacienda Montaecristo for J.Crew

T Magazine

To say that I am proud of my mexican roots is the biggest understatement of the year. The next understatement of the year would go to my obsession to all things J.Crew 
So imagine my surprise and serious heart palpitations when two of my loves combined in the J.Crew tumblr blog when THE Jenna Lyons listed mexican rebozos as one of her latest obsessions.
The rebozo is a traditional hand woven scarf that dates back to the colonial times. The exact origin is a little murky, but it is a piece that represents the blend of indigenous and european cultures and one that has spanned centuries and diverse social classes. My great grandmothers wore one everyday and had special "fancy" ones tucked in their closets for momentous occasions such as holidays and weddings. The everyday ones were usually made out of cotton blends and used as scarves, or most commonly to carry their babies. Basically they were the Baby Bjorn of their time (but you know without the yuppy connotations).
The special "fancy" ones were always made of silk and had more intricate patterns, especially on the fringe. A typical rebozo takes about a month to make, which means that the very elaborate ones can cost up to thousands of dollars. Which is why my dad's aunt (keeper of all of my great grandma's treasures) told me I could have some of the rebozos........only after she was no longer alive! 
Needless to say I will be styling all of my rebozos this fall and winter and stocking up on my next trip to Mexico.


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