On motherhood...

Ten years ago my biggest worry was to asses the risk of missing my organic chemistry lecture in order to do nothing and hang out with my girl friends or my dorm sweetheart (spoiler...the risk was worth it as he is now my husband!).
Now my worries are much bigger and usually centered around the survival well being of my sweet baby O. Is she eating enough? Did she eat too much? Will she be cold? Did I overdo the fall layers? Is she happy? Am I a good mom? Those are just some of the thoughts that bounce around my head throughout the day. 
And in order to not go full on mental I have developed some good techniques, one of them (and a very important one) is sharing the journey with my fellow mama friends. And I am lucky that they are the same friends that I used to skip class with!
So when my best friend came into town and I got to actually meet her little one, it was a big occasion. I'm not going to lie, but it was tremendously surreal to be together as parents. That little scene above though was pretty magical.Our daughters have no choice but to be friends (best friends) and maybe one day they will also skip out on lectures to spend more time with each other.

PS. I am in no way or form advocating not going to class...and if baby O ever reads this in the future: get back to class!

Photo credits: Kaylin


  1. this is so precious.
    And yes it was magical.



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